Frequently Asked Questions

Simply take a pinch of your favorite tobacco & put it into the tobacco bowl. The Clickatoke bowl is perfectly sized for one serving of your favorite tobacco.

Your clickatoke will come filled with butane.butane is available for purchase at almost any convenient store, grocery store, or tobacco store. The butane needed to fill your clickatoke is the same butane needed to fill a Zippo lighter, and a lot of cordless appliances.

Filling your clickatoke is easy! On the bottom of your clickatoke, there is a small hole which is where you fill your clickatoke with butane, when needed. Place the pipe upside down so the gas filling valve is on the top.

-Adjust the clickatoke flame to low (See “Adjusting Flame Height” instructions) -Hold the clickatoke so this hole is facing up, and then hold the butane tank vertically down onto the hole.

-Push refill nozzle firmly all the way into the clickatoke refill valve . Be sure it fits snuggly, and there is no butane leaking out when pressure is applied.

-Now charge down in short 1/2 second bursts for a total of 5 or 6 times.

-Shake the clickatoke slightly to allow for the gas to distribute throughout the pipe’s interior tubing.

-Wait until the clickatoke returns to room temperature before igniting (5-10 minutes is recomended). This allows for time for the gas to expand and fizzle out the air bubbles that are possibly generated in the filling process.

Reset the flame height adjuster to proper position which is no more than 1 inch (1.5 cm).

For more flame height adjusting info, please see “Adjusting Flame Height” instructions.

On the outside of the refill valve there is a control that allows you to adjust the flame height of the flame that shoots into the tobacco bowl.

By using a small flat head screw driver, you can turn the adjustment control the the right towards the (-) sign to turn your flame down, or towards the left towards the (+) sign to turn your flame up higher. The proper and ideal flame size for lighting of fine tobacco should be no more than 1 inch (1.5 cm). Outside temperatures & altitude can influence this so adjust accordingly

If you are out of warranty, don’t have your receipt or did not purchase your clickatoke from an authorized reseller, mail us just the lighter portion of your clickatoke along with a check made out to clickatoke for $15 and we will send you a brand new clickatoke.

If you did purchase from clickatoke.com then mail us the lighter portion of your clickatoke, along with a detailed description of what was wrong with your clickatoke (so we can learn from the malfunction) and a check for $5 made out to clickatoke along with a copy of your original receipt showing you purchased the clickatoke from this web-site directly within the past 30 days. (Please note: this is the only online store that honors this warranty. clickatoke’s purchased from any other web-site are not covered by this warranty)

Mail the check or money order, receipt & clickatoke lighter to: